Imagine a cotton field; it’s like a sea of white fluffy balls that almost look like clouds. Humans have grown and used cotton to build our civilization for more than 3000 years because of its soft but durable fibers. Naturally, cotton is at the core of our quality brand. Most notably, we use it for our signature jeans of high quality and always in style.

Cotton has played a vital part in human civilization for a long time – and so have dogs! Dogs were the very first animal that humans domesticated, and the oldest confirmed appearance of such a dog is more than 14.200 years old. Our relationship with dogs stretches even further back than our relationship with cotton. But both got us where we are today.

So let’s return one more time to the cotton field we imagined before; now, look a little bit closer, and you might glimpse a pair of ears sticking out from the cotton plants, one white and one black.

You might even hear a joyous barking, right before the entire animal runs to where you’re standing. He sits down and looks curiously up at you with his head tilted to one side.

This is HOUNd – and we are never ordinary.




A lot of our clothing is produced in Turkey instead of the Far East. And why is this important? Turkey is Europe’s closets neighbor, and make sure that they live up to standards. And with factories close to home, we can use trucks for transportation. The short distance and choise of transportation makes our CO2 emission significantly lower


All our suppliers sign an extensive contract defining and forbidding the use of child labor in any stage of the production. We carry out continuous announced and unannounced quality controls to ensure that these standards are met at all times. We also collaborate with the Danish NGO Børns Vilkår.




At HOUNd, we constantly work towards a more sustainable production. The future of our industry and our global community is fair and green – and we want to be a part of the positive change! Therefore, we are on a constant mission to increase the number of GOTS certified suppliers in our supply chain. We want organic clothes for cool tweens.


When you receive your order, you can be sure that the boxes are all made from recycled cardboard. We use more than 100.000 cardboard boxes a year, and our choice of materials matter. We are currently working on developing a more sustainable alternative to the plastic bags that we use to protect the garments.