#Trendy clothes for teens

#OUR GOAL is to design teen clothes that make a difference. We do it by focusing on a cool and rough look that is closer to the grown up fashion than the children fashion.

#THE INSPIRATION for the collections, we find on the streets, the schoolyard and from other fancy places all over the world where the cool teens hang out and stand out. 

Monthly we deliver new articles to the retailers. Because of a short production time, HOUNd is always able to follow the newest trends, which means that we make our collections very close to the time of delivery.

#VISIT our dealer list or please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

We support Børns Vilkår

We support ”Børns Vilkår” because ”Børns Vilkår” is fighting for the well-being of all children and that no children will be let down by society or adults.

“Børns Vilkår” stops failure through involving and cooperation with children, youngsters and adults.

“Børns Vilkår” targets the actions to children with different backgrounds and situations.

“Børns Vilkår” is based on “UNs Children Convention” focused on childrens right to care, protection, involving and development.

HOUNds support to “Børns Vilkår” is a natural part of the companys overall CSR policy and focus on sustainability.