We are second to none in denim jeans, trousers and pants  for teenagers, tweens and children in Europe both boys and girls. We have an uniform standard of jeans with a lot of different fits, styles, season colours and washes. The fits, styles and washes are following the international fashion.

We have now for 24 years designed and produced denim jeans, trousers and pants for teenagers, tweens and children. We are known all over Europe for our unique fits and the tweens love it!

The last couple of years we have produced all our jeans with stretch, meaning the jeans are very comfortable and easy to wear, this has now also become a demand from our consumers. We are designing our jeans, trousers and pants in a tight corporation with tweens, teenagers and children all over Europe, we are using their experiences to make fashionable items. We are selling our HOUNd brand in selected stores all over Europe and we have had the first inquiries from the Middle East. You can say we are never ordinary or second to none.

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